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  • Westpunt
  • Banda Abou / Grote Berg / Coral Estate
  • Julianadorp / Piscadera
  • Willemstad North
  • Willemstad South
  • Banda Ariba North
  • Banda Ariba South
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  • 1. Westpunt
  • 2. Banda Abou / Grote Berg / Coral Estate
  • 3. Julianadorp / Piscadera
  • 4. Willemstad North
  • 5. Willemstad South
  • 6. Banda Ariba North
  • 7. Banda Ariba South
  • Jeremi
  • Lagoon
  • Westpunt
  • Cas Abou
  • Coral Estate
  • Fontein
  • Jan Kok
  • Kashutuin
  • Rif St Marie
  • Tera Cora
  • Grote Berg
  • San Sebastiaan
  • Barber
  • Blue Bay
  • Boka Sami
  • Buena Vista
  • De Savaan
  • Groot Piscadera
  • Jan Doret
  • Juan Hato
  • Julianadorp
  • Klein St. Michiel
  • Mahuma
  • Parasasa
  • Piscadera
  • Seru Mahuma
  • St. Michiel
  • Sta. Maria
  • Veeris
  • Amerikanenkamp
  • Biesheuvel
  • Brievengat
  • Emmastad
  • Francia
  • Jongbloed
  • Muizenberg
  • Noord Jongbloed
  • Oost Jongbloed
  • Rio Canario
  • Schelpwijk
  • Selinda
  • Sun Valley
  • Sunset Heights
  • Mon Repos
  • Matancia
  • Groot Kwartier
  • Esperansa
  • Stenen Koraal
  • Cerito
  • Gaito
  • Goede Hoop
  • Habaai
  • Kint Jan
  • Marchena
  • Mundo Nobo
  • Otrobanda
  • Pietermaai
  • Punda
  • Rooi Catootje
  • Roosendaal
  • Salina
  • Salina Abou
  • Salina Harbour View
  • Scharloo
  • Steenrijk
  • Welgelegen
  • Zeelandia
  • Construction
  • Abrahamsz
  • Bonam
  • Cas Cora
  • Groot Sint Joris
  • Koraal Partier
  • Kwartje
  • Matancia
  • Ronde Klip
  • Rust en Vrede
  • Seru Hulanda
  • Sta. Catharina
  • Beurs
  • Bottelier
  • Brakkeput Abou
  • Brakkeput Ariba
  • Brakkeput Meimei
  • Cas Grandi
  • Curacao Ocean Resort
  • Damasco
  • Dominguito
  • Girouette
  • Hanenberg
  • Hoenderberg
  • Jan Boos
  • Jan Sofat
  • Jan Thiel
  • Janwe
  • Katoentuin
  • Labadera
  • Ma Louisa
  • Mahaai
  • Montana
  • Montana Abou
  • Montana Rey
  • Rehderlust
  • Rooi Santu
  • Scherpenheuvel
  • Semikok / Cas Cora
  • Seru Lora
  • Sorsaka
  • Sta. Barbara
  • Sta. Rosa
  • Toni Kunchi
  • Van Engelen
  • Vista Royal
  • Vredenberg
  • Zuurzak


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Continue to invest in your future

You have worked hard to get where you want to be. Now it's time to slow down a little. Perhaps a little less spacious home, less (garden) maintenance? Or maybe you want to spend more time with your (grand) children. Golf. See more of the world. Or all of them!

It may be that you want to sell your existing property and take that of your hands. Then still buy once something beautiful back where you can enjoy delicious (of) a new home that you can leave with a peace of mind. Until you return to our beautiful island.

A primar selection. Especially for you.

Here you will find four opportunities that are particularly suitable as retirement homes.
If you want to view our complete portfolio of perfect homes, please click the red button right below!

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This brand new property offers you a beautiful view, From the front and back porch. It's located in a beautiful gated community and offers you all the comfort that you need.

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La Vista Resort, Piscadera

If you prefer sea view from your own terrace or balcony, and even have this wonderful view from your own bed, then this beautiful penthouse could be your new home! When you step in the common elevator you only have access with a key to enter the apartment.

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Jeremi Ocean Resort

Dream it. Enjoy it. Live it.
Are you ready to live out your Caribbean dream, where you can retreat to your own piece of paradise? Surrounded by nature and a pristine ocean, Jeremi Ocean Resort is the perfect place for you and your family to plug out and enjoy peace and serenity surrounded by breathtaking flora and fauna!

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Contact New Winds Realty

You obviously want the best that money can buy.

Contact the specialists of New Winds Realty to help you achieve this.
We know exactly what is available. And what the routing is to accomplish this quickly and efficiently.
Send us an email via the appropriate form and we will get in touch with you. Course you may call anytime. We are happy to serve you!


You may have already heard of the Pension Regulations, also called Penshonado Regulations.

The Pension Regulations is a tax incentive for you as foreign retiree whose tax residence Curacao takes to enjoy your retirement.

This regulations provides a special tax on the foreign income that you receive as a pensioner. If you meet all the conditions, your foreign income, including dividends and interest are taxed at a rate of only 10%.

The new Pension Regulations since 1 January 1998 and, like the old regulation, created to encourage wealthy foreigners moving to Curacao. This is due to the positive impact on the local economy.

 There are conditions that you must meet to qualify for the regulations. These are:

- You have not lived on Curacao for past 5 years;
- You have a minimum age of 50 years;
- You are registered with the Registry of Curacao (Kranshi) and actually lives on the island;
- Within two months of registration with Kranshi you must inform the Tax Administration of Curacao that you wish to be taxed in accordance with the Pensionado Regulations;
- Within 18 months after enrollment at Kranshi you must have purchased a home in Curacao of a min of Nafl. 450,000.00 to live in;
- You should not be working in Curacao. You may, however director of a company, if you owned 40% of the shares of that company. Any income from this work will be taxed in accordance with the normal tax rate Curaçao.

It is important that the application and the subsequent procedure is exactly according to the rules. We advise you to take a professional in hand to make the application for you in order. Ask our professionals for more information about this.


Their is a good chance of thinking instead of re-thinking.

The moment you have completed the previous steps, it's time to actually make your new dream destination. In step 1, you have no doubt along with your New Winds Realty Advisor already oriented regarding your options. What you will find beautiful and fine? What amount do you want to (re) invest? Which are all further requirements. The overall picture has to be right. when all at once everything is prepared properly, the final step to your new home can be quickly done. And of course New Winds Realty will help you happily with it.

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